About us

«Botticelli» TM is a high-quality line of bathroom furniture of premium segment.


    History of «Botticelli» TM is the history of constant improvement, quick rise , desire to reach high goals. It is the history of  achievements and  victories.

The stimulus for creating «Botticelli» TM was visiting by general director of LLC “Juventa”, Chyzh Hryhorii  Ivanovych Florence, an Italian city on the Arno. He visited gallery Ufitsi  which is one of the biggest and most significant museums of European art.  He was particularly  impressed by the works of the  great Italian artist Sandro Botticelli. «Botticelli» TM was created to honour  this great artist.

    Exquisite art of Botticelli with elements of stylization, i.e. generalization of patterns with the help of  certain techniques – simplification of forms, colour and volume. All this inspired the director of the company to create «Botticelli» bathroom furniture. Acute  sense of beauty, lightness, line simplicity, gracefulness and  elegance of the artist’s works  was implemented in   «Botticelli» furniture.

    «Botticelli» TM was founded in 2008 and its furniture was produced   at “Juventa” factory. It is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom furniture in the Eastern Europe. Starting from 2014 it is an independent factory.


«Botticelli» TM has become a recognizable brand of quality, sophistication, delicate taste, usability and functionality in the world of bathroom furniture.

Staff of «Botticelli» TM is the ambitious, young, creative and professional team, which strives to perfection and gains the experience of leading west-European companies.  

    «Botticelli» bathroom furniture is produced both hand-made and with the help of modern technologies. Everything starting from the construction and design  to fittings and spare parts  is thoroughly  worked out  for comfortable and long-lasting usage.

During such a short period of time the company has declared about itself as about serious and reliable partner and conquered  Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Belorus, Kyrgyzstan and  Kazakhstan. In future «Botticelli» TM is heading  west-European market!

To be a step ahead, to see a bit earlier, to understand a bit more  - these words characterize the  policy of the company. 

    Our goal is to produce high-quality bathroom furniture of premium segment and prove the customers that  high-quality furniture may be of Ukrainian production.


«Botticelli» furniture has many advantages, i.e.:


    Unique  design

    Fittings and spare parts of high-quality which secure long and safe usability

    Comfort (functionality)

    Eco-friendly furniture

    Warranty period of 24 months  and after-sales service

    Perfection of construction

    Combination of luxurious looks and comfort


    The list of advantages of “Botticelli” bathroom furniture may be prolonged.

“Botticelli” furniture is created for those who appreciate sophistication and elegance. “Botticelli” furniture is the implementation of great artist’s style which imparts your everyday life  luxury.

    Our furniture will help you to create the territory of comfort and beauty, it will become the “interest-grabber” of your interior. 

Ми будемо раді допомогти Вам облаштувати We will   eagerly equip your bathroom with high-quality furniture of premium segment!